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“It all started with a call from a client asking if I could supply CSCO homeowner data” – Andy Chesterman

It all started with a call from a client at the start of the year asking if I could supply CSCO homeowner data. I couldn’t, and my research suggested it wasn’t readily available to the market…because of this, I decided to start work on creating such a file.

Months of building and development work overlaying the respective LSOA’s, IMD’s and postcodes has resulted in a substantial database being created that allows for the original 15%, new 25% and CSCO Rural areas to be identified at postcode level.
The file consists of over 4.6m qualifying postal addresses, 2.6m telephone numbers & 2.6m email addresses of homeowners throughout the UK. The data enables field canvassers to approach homeowners by name and telemarketers to have a choice of mobile or landline to dial (or both!)
Data can also be extracted based on property age and type and those not connected to the main gas network – ideal to target specific wall and property types.


Initial conversions of around 5%

With testing successfully complete and early uses on the data generating excellent initial conversions of around 5%, a number of clients are now placing roll-out orders. Even testimonials have been received as to the accuracy of the file.
Moving forward, there are plans to create a unique partnership with a UK-based call centre to generate leads off the back of the data. More details will follow as this partnership is confirmed..
To discuss the potential opportunities of this highly versatile and targeted CSCO database – a product I have created entirely independently – please get in touch with me at Intermedia Global – 01234 831000 or

Andy Chesterman

Head of Product Development (Data) at Intermedia Global