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B2B Survey : “Social media held up as most effective channel – 79% rated it as effective (vs. 64% 3 years ago)” / Omobono

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Social media is the most effective digital marketing channel in B2B, but marketers struggle with the demands it makes on them, new research reveals

  • Social media held up as most effective channel – 79% rated it as effective (vs. 64% 3 years ago)
  • But only 16% of B2B marketers are confident in their ROI measurement
  • There is a digital skills gap in B2B marketing: 7/10 say their team lacks necessary digital skills

Cambridge, 10 September, 2014: Omobono, the digital agency for business brands, has revealed the results of its 2014 survey, What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing. Run for the last 4 years, the latest research shows significant shifts in key areas, including social media being recognised as the most effective channel but the difficulties of the vast majority of respondents in tracking ROI and the gaps their teams face in digital skills.

Specialists in business marketing for the last 15 years,  @omobono_digital worked with Circle Research and The Marketing Society to conduct the study in which 115 business marketers were asked in depth questions about their marketing objectives and activities. Key topics of the research covered include budgets, challenges and a closer look at newer channels such as mobile.

Other research findings include:

  • B2B marketers’ top priority is thought leadership (63%) followed by customer relationships (61%)
  • Over half don’t spend a penny of digital budget on mobile channels
  • Mobile spend has barely increased since 2011 – from 4% of digital marketing budgets to 7% this year
  • If they had extra budget in the next year, 39% of marketers would spend it on mobile (apps or optimisation) and 38% would spend it on social media
  • The main challenges in digital for B2B marketers:
  1. Lack of resources to produce digital content (48%)
  2. Measuring the effectiveness of digital activities (44%)
  3. Lack of digital skills and expertise in house (43%)
  • 1 in 3 B2B marketers don’t measure ROI
  • Nearly half (48%) say that their marketing team lacks analytics and reporting skills

Francesca Brosan, Chairman, commented on the findings: “Social media for business has come a long way in a very short time, and this year’s research demonstrates that the B2B community has embraced what used to be seen as a consumer medium to the full.  But the changes it, and other digital channels, require, are putting pressures on client skill sets, resources and approach to ROI.

Our respondents are undoubtedly up for the challenge however, as so many of them cited the greater complexities of B2B marketing in the digital age as one of the key reasons they feel motivated and excited by the sector.”




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