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Call. Push. Rescue. / British Heart Foundation launches ONE TWO FOUR produced film series to help create Nation Of Lifesavers

ONE TWO FOUR, the international content company, can today announce the launch of a series of training films produced exclusively for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The films, which will be available in schools, workplaces, community groups and libraries, are part of the charity’s new Call Push Rescue CPR training programme. The pack aims to educate all young people and adults on how to perform CPR.

The film, titled ‘Learn CPR’ includes 25 minutes of detailed CPR demonstrations, as well as four additional chapters. These are: Child CPR, Defibrillator Awareness, Recovery Position and Sam’s story, a video case study about a 16 year old girl who was able to save her mother’s life because she knew CPR.  All of which include a simple three step message that could save a life: Call. Push. Rescue.

Watch the video.

The Call. Push. Rescue. message  is a part of a nationwide campaign. The films have been designed to appeal to a wide target audience, specifically teachers, high risk families, adults aged 20-65, and children aged 11-13. ONE TWO FOUR’s approach was tailored to engage typical groups the BHF want  to reach including Woman’s Institutes, schools, youth groups and workplaces.

Carolan Davidge Director of Marketing & Engagement, British Heart Foundation, says: “With more than 30,000 people suffering an out of hospital cardiac arrest each year, CPR is an essential life skill. ONE TWO FOUR’s film needed to provide simple yet engaging instruction that empowers anyone to practice CPR and save lives.

We wanted to refresh our CPR training films, with content that actively engages a broad range of audiences ­ from school children to working adults. ONE TWO FOUR has delivered innovative, engaging films that will help save lives across the UK.”

Mark Hawkins, Chief Executive, ONE TWO FOUR says: “As a long-standing content partner to the BHF, we have in-depth knowledge in all areas of heart health, we know the brand, and have developed a deep understanding of its audiences. Through these films we have created inspiring content that bring the Call. Push. Rescue message to life.  We hope the films enhance the Nation of Lifesavers campaign and help save lives.”