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Direct mailing campaign evolves to offer paws for thought / Dogs for the Disabled & Jigsaw CCS

A direct marketing campaign which started out three years ago as a personalised letter accompanied by a complimentary sachet of coffee has grown significantly to enable a national fundraising event, to raise up to £30,000 for an assistance dog charity.

Specialist mailing solutions specialist, Jigsaw CCS conceptualised, designed and delivered over 1,000 ‘bone appetite’ breakfast kits for this year’s Big Dogs Breakfast, to help raise money for Dogs for the Disabled.

From its small background, the direct mailing campaign that @Jigsaw_CCS runs for The Big Dogs Breakfast fundraising event now encompasses its own unique breakfast kit, which includes: branded event invites, paper cups, napkins, bunting, posters and balloons all created by Jigsaw CCS. This is the second time that the company has been chosen to create the Big Dogs Breakfast kits, after providing ongoing creative support to the campaign as it has grown over recent years.

Jigsaw CCS worked very closely with Dogs for the Disabled and charity sponsor, James Wellbeloved to design and hand prepare one thousand breakfast kits that were sent out to fundraisers all over the UK. Recipients were then encouraged to hold their very own Big Dog’s Breakfast events to raise money for Dogs for the Disabled. In addition to the initial one thousand kits Jigsaw CCS also designed and hand delivered a further five hundred corporate branded kits to Pets at Home stores across the country.

Jigsaw CCS Operations Director, Lorna Harling, explained the creative process involved in order to turn a small and simple campaign into a national project: “In order to achieve the best results for our clients, it’s important that we work with them throughout every stage of the design process,” she said.

The breakfast kits we designed and produced for Big Dogs Breakfast saw us develop the original brief, in turn creating eye catching items which are on brand, and most importantly resonate with their audience. The close collaborative relationship we have with Dogs for the Disabled has meant that we understand their core values as a business, meaning mutual trust has developed, another key factor required in order to create the best results for our clients.”

Dogs for the Disabled Communications Manager Sarah Watson, who attended Jigsaw CCS’ own breakfast, explained how invaluable the creative breakfast kits are

“We have worked with the team at Jigsaw CCS for over a decade now and they really understand our requirements as a business. Charities often have reduced expenditure, yet quality in the end products cannot be compromised. The Big Dogs Breakfast is a fantastic fundraising initiative that is becoming more popular every year and it proves that direct mail, which is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, doesn’t always have to be just about sales and promotion, but can used in more creative ways too.

Dogs for the Disabled is a life transforming charity, creating exceptional partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs. Through practical assistance a dog can offer freedom and independence to children and adults with physical disabilities and children with autism.