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Marketers rate their happiness at work 7.5 out of 10 and value opportunities for ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’ / Omobono

by on October 21, 2014 in Lead Article, Nuggets, Research

Good leadership and feeling valued makes business marketers happier than more money, new research reveals

Cambridge, 16 October, 2014: New research by Omobono, the digital agency for business brands, has revealed what drives happiness amongst B2B marketers.

The most important factor is good leadership or management, with 60% of respondents saying that makes them happy, while salary and benefits came in fifth place overall with 42% of respondents rating it as a contributing factor.

The 2014 research was part of a wider survey, What Works Where in B2B Digital Marketing, with responses from 115 senior business marketers.

On average, respondents rated their happiness at work at a generous 7.5 out of 10. Run for the last 4 years, the latest survey includes responses from B2B marketers from sectors including professional services (34%), financial services (28%) and telecoms (21%).

According to the results, the most important factors affecting happiness at work for business marketers are:

  1. Good leadership/management (60%)
  2. Feeling valued and listened to (56%)
  3. Pride in the company and its values (50%)
  4. Opportunities to be creative (46%)
  5. Salary and benefits (42%)

When asked to name the best thing about being a B2B marketer, a quarter (24%) said the ability to see an impact on the business, while a fifth (19%) highlighted the challenges in B2B marketing and a fifth (19%), the ability to see an impact on customers. Verbatim included:

  • ”It’s never dull – and with the pace of technology and consumerisation of the B2B customer experience – there’s plenty of excitement and room for creativity and innovation.”
  • ”It’s more complex, with more ‘brain-power’ required to understand ‘personas’, and just more interesting than business to consumer.”
  • ”It’s a fast moving world that is now embracing digital to the fullest. There are ample opportunities to be creative and multiple channels to reach our clients.”
  • ”Seeing the direct impact in business development and growth that B2B marketing achieves.”

Francesca Brosan, Chairman of @omobono_digital Omobono, commented on the results: “Business marketers are a driven and motivated group, often operating in complex sectors where the contribution of marketing is less well recognised than in consumer marketing.  So it’s great to see that they enjoy rising to the challenge and demonstrating the contribution that digital makes to the business.”


The survey was carried out in partnership with The Marketing Society and Circle Research.

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