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Netbiscuits calls time on mobile analytics guesswork

Marketers given smart dashboards to improve conversion rates

Mobile analytics provider Netbiscuits has launched a series of new smart dashboards and reporting tools in its Mobile Analytics tool.

With the goal of making it easy for marketers track what mobile visitors are doing while on site,  @Netbiscuits says it can help businesses understand why customers engage and why they leave mobile websites, based on factors such as screen size, bandwidth, operating system and other attributes.

The full version is available for here free and is capped by usage rather than functionality.

As mobile overtakes desktop web traffic, the Mobile Analytics tool has been designed to give marketers a user-friendly interface, so they can segment their mobile visitors and identify which areas are working and where improvements need to be made.

Influence the content

For example, to put this into practice, it means a business could see where iPhone users are engaging with content versus Nexus or BlackBerry users. Marketers could also identify trends such as how the time of day and screen size impacts what customers do on mobile devices. This can then help influence the content these businesses serve up.

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics also gives marketers immediate access to page-by-page bounce rates, pre-filtered by key factors such as screen size, time of day, bandwidth, operating system and much more. Marketers can quickly see major problem areas and then drill down to the precise causes without needing IT or developer resources.

Daniel Weisbeck, CEO, Netbiscuits, told us: “The pressure is on for marketers to understand their mobile visitors and improve ROI from mobile campaigns. There are a plethora of mobile analytics tools out there, but these can be complex to set up and even harder to make sense of. Big data has to be actionable and intuitive, allowing the people who matter – marketers – to build better mobile campaigns.

We’ve spent six months developing these tools to make them even more user friendly and ensuring that Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics does the hard work.

With Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics, we’re calling for an end to mobile guesswork. This data exists, and we’re giving marketers a free tool to gain powerful customer insights into why their visitors behave the way they do on mobile devices and how they can make decisions on content and experience that will ultimately drive down bounce rates and increase conversion.”

The full version is available for here free and is capped by usage rather than functionality.