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Consumer electronics : Just what is the most popular gadget in the run up to Christmas?

In the build up to Christmas, for lots of us this means a new gadget under the tree. But if you’re struggling to decide which consumer electronic to get this year perhaps Outbrain’s analysis of the most hottest gadget will help.

Outbrain @outbrain has tracked consumption of 6,035 stories about gadgets published to it’ European network (UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) during November 2014. So what gadgets are getting the most buzz from the media, and which are most read about?

·         Xbox received the most European media coverage of all the gadgets in our analysis (32% of all coverage), followed by PlayStation (15%) and iPhone (11%).

·         Xbox was also the most written about in every county in our analysis including the UK (25% of UK coverage).

·         The 3D TV received the most interest from consumers with 10% of all page views. This was followed by iPhone 6 which generated 7% of total page views.

·         The gadget that generated the least consumer interest in Europe was the connected t-shirt (0.1%) so maybe not one for the gift list this year?

Gadgets in the analysis included: Xbox, Playstation, iPhone6, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy, Smart Glass, Smartwatch, GoPro, iPhone 6 Plus, Kindle, iPad Air, Jawbone, iPad Mini, 3d-Drucker, Fitbit, Smart TV, Fire HD, Bluetooth Speaker,  Microsoft Surface, Beats by Dr. Dre, Wii-U, Connected t-shirt, Gear Fit, iRobot, 3D-TV, Smartphone HTC