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Mr UK Retailer – do you measure operational metrics in key areas such as chat, email, phone support and shipping and returns?

by on January 31, 2015 in Lead Article, Research, Retail, Retail News, Startups

StellaService Expands Operations To Collect Customer Service Data On UK-Based Retailers

StellaService @StellaService expands internationally for the first time, now offering UK businesses and consumers access to objective customer service performance data

StellaService, the only provider of objective customer service ratings and insights, today announced it has extended the reach of its data collection to measure the customer service and fulfillment performance of online retailers operating in the UK.

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StellaService already measures hundreds of retailers in the U.S, such as J.Crew, Walmart and Zappos, on a daily basis but will now also leverage a network of trained, UK-based ecommerce analysts to evaluate the customer experience of UK retailers’ online operations. This expansion into the UK marks the first time StellaService has extended its data collection to a market outside of the United States. Already, StellaService is working with global retailers with a UK presence such as MR PORTER.

The objective data collected by StellaService powers Stella Metrics, the only platform for measuring, benchmarking and improving the end-to-end service experience across dozens of operational metrics in key areas such as chat, email, phone support and shipping and returns. Additionally, StellaService syndicates data to search engines and review sites to help consumers make more informed decisions. For example, Google integrates StellaService data into its Seller Ratings and AdWords Extensions.

“Retailers operating in the UK are challenged with enormous operational complexities, including fulfillment across different countries and customer care in multiple languages,” said StellaService Chief Executive Jordy Leiser. (pictured) “We look forward to offering UK retailers a deeper understanding of how they stack up against both UK and US-based competitors as well as where performance can be improved to drive more sales and deeper loyalty in a highly competitive market.”

StellaService analysts based in the UK began collecting data on the speed and quality of customer care in the fall of 2014. Analysts have also been placing multiple orders with retailers each month to evaluate fulfillment, delivery and the returns experience. In addition, StellaService’s expansion into the UK enables retailers who operate in both the UK and the U.S. to connect global business learnings and ultimately deliver a consistent and exceptional experience for customers worldwide.

MR PORTER is already using Stella Metrics to maintain its operational and service excellence, and the company also uses StellaService to communicate its top-rate service performance to online shoppers.

“Whether its phone calls, emails or live chat, StellaService gives us that constant monitoring that allows us to make sure we’re delivering an exceptional experience all of the time,” said Ian Tansley, Managing Director for MR PORTER, the men’s channel of the NET-A-PORTER Group.

About StellaService

StellaService is dedicated to creating a world with better customer service – helping businesses achieve it and consumers find it. Founded in 2010, StellaService is headquartered in New York City with offices in London. Investors include Battery Ventures, Consigliere, DFJ Gotham, Forerunner Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners and RRE Ventures. For more information visit or follow StellaService on Twitter @StellaService

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