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Really Simple Systems releases Email Marketing / Mass emailing is completely integrated into the CRM

Mass emailing is completely integrated into the CRM

Really Simple Systems, @ReallySimpleSys one of the world’s largest providers of Cloud CRM systems launches it’s Email Marketing module. The new module will enable sales teams to see detailed prospect interactions with individual marketing campaigns.

John Paterson, CEO of Really Simple Systems

“All the main vendors of CRM systems force their customers to use third party emailing systems, such as MailChimp or Constant Contact.” commented John Paterson, CEO of Really Simple Systems. “Integration between these systems is limited and shows only summary statistics to the marketing team, the sales people can’t see if their prospect opened the email or unsubscribed.

We have therefore created functionality that will let sales teams go one step further and gain a deeper understanding of not only a prospect’s interaction with a campaign but also a larger insight into possible intent to buy.”

As well as showing a much more granular level of detail to the sales team, users only have to learn how to use and pay for the one combined system.

Email campaigns can also be scheduled to be sent in real time, at some point in the future or sent out over days or weeks using Really Simple Systems’ unique DribbleMail™ technology; which also helps when campaigns are inadvertently flagged as spam.

Hugh Scantlebury, CEO of cloud accounting software Aqilla,, said “Being able to see if a prospect has opened our marketing emails and see what link they clicked on means that we’re better prepared before making a sales call. And the ability to send out a large email campaign over several days spreads the load of incoming leads and makes the pipeline easier to manage.”

About Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM is aimed at small and medium sized businesses (SMEs/SMBs) with between 5 and 200 people who want a straightforward online CRM sales, marketing and support application.

The hosted model is particularly suitable for companies with multiple locations and sales people who work remotely or at home. Really Simple Systems, winner of EuroCloud’s Best Cloud Application and the Software Satisfaction Awards is the largest European provider of online CRM systems with over 6,000 users. Customers include the Royal Academy of Arts, the British Museum, the Red Cross, government agencies and IBM as well as hundreds of small and medium sized companies.