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J.Crew’s social media savvy choice

by on February 2, 2015 in Lead Article, Pinterest, Retail, Retail News

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If you’ve ever checked out the fashions in the FM New York office, you won’t be surprised to learn that J.Crew is one of our favorite brands. Now we have even more reason to admire CEO Mickey Drexler and team: J.Crew debuted their Fall women’s catalog on Pinterest yesterday.

Mashable reports that “J.Crew is the first clothing brand to debut its catalog on the image-based network,” though Oscar de la Renta introduced his 2012 Fall campaign on Instagram (thanks to social media maven @OscarPRGirl).

We applaud J.Crew for seizing the opportunity to try something new on a platform where their style-obsessed female audience is already highly engaged. Our only gripe is that there doesn’t seem to be a J.Crew men’s catalog to peruse. [Pew reports that women are about five times as likely to be on [Pinterest] as men, but we’ve also seen that men’s online shopping is on the rise.]

Either way, we’re impressed with J.Crew’s social media savvy choice. Now we just wonder what’s next. Spring 2014 Fashion Week via Snapchat? We wouldn’t put it past them.


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