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Just released : Important ‘consumer behaviour at Christmas’ research : Online Spend – 30% do most or all of their Christmas Shopping online

by on February 4, 2015 in Latest News, Lead Article, Nuggets, Research, Retail News

Major New Research : insight into consumer behaviour at Christmas. Last year insight engineers  summarised that consumer behaviour and attitudes towards Christmas had stabilised, but that the green shoots of recovery had not yet had a significant impact. insight engineers

This year, it is definitely a slightly more positive picture: –

•An increase in spend on presents and cards
•A slightly wider circle of giving
•A small but growing proportion choosing a Christmas vacation

This has not yet noticeably changed how the nation feels about Christmas in general. Whether further recovery does begin to shift that needle remains to be seen in next year’s study.

Please contact us on 01494 618480 or via e-mail at if you would like a free copy of this new reserch – or to discuss how these results might be adapted for the themes and issues in your company or organisation.

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