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Product sampling can really work, but you need the right promotional staff / Hotcow

Let’s face it, we all love getting something for nothing, and most of us can’t resist a free sample of the latest designer perfume or new brand of chocolate; particularly when they are offered to us by friendly and knowledgeable brand representatives.

Despite it being one of the oldest forms of marketing around, face to face promotion is still a favoured strategy by marketers, and when combined with product sampling, it can be an extremely powerful way of connecting with potential customers.


To make the most of your promotional event, it is essential that you hire the right people. People are the heart of any campaign; they represent your brand, products and identity so ultimately you need to choose carefully.

So when it comes to recruiting promotional staff, what are the key attributes and qualities that your candidates should possess? Read on to find out.

1.    The X-Factor

At Hotcow, one of the biggest things that we look for in our promotional staff is presence. It’s one of the hardest things to define, but it’s easy to recognise. It’s a subtle combination of confidence, energy and personality that makes you want to stop and pay attention.

2.    Thick skin

Excellent promotional staff will never be afraid to talk to strangers, to make their experience more enjoyable. However, sometimes attendees don’t want to be bothered. They might be in a hurry, so there are a lot of knock-backs.  A good events person will not be deterred by this and will continue to smile their way through the event.

3.    A head for sense

Common sense is something that, if missing, can be dangerous. Just little things like maintaining a professional attitude, tidying up if there is a mess and being aware of all health and safety issues that can cause an event to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

4.    Passion

A keen interest in the product or service is one of the most important characteristics of a good promotional staff member. If the staff look like they wouldn’t sign-up for a product, how can they possibly convince others to do so?

Unbounded enthusiasm and passion shows they can effectively act as ambassadors for the brand. And if that means dressing up as an Easter bunny to promote vegetarian fruit gums, so be it!

At Hotcow, we have some of the best promotional staff in the business @Hotcow, and it shows – we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands to create outstanding promotional and event marketing.

Get in touch with us if you are looking to activate your next local or nationwide product sampling campaign, we can help you get the results your brand deserves.

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