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Advice about this Walcott ad flop : “Quietly bury it ‘mes amis’ and start again”

MAA creative scale: 2. This very low score sums up MAA’s verdict on this ad with Theo Walcott.  They write … Every so often an ad turns out to be unintentionally hilarious and such a likelihood may be compounded by an agency in one country trying to talk the vernacular in another.

So, here we have BBDO Paris launching new ‘property’ Theo Walcott on an unsuspecting world for the Adidas/Foot Locker alliance.

Theo, they may not have noticed in Paris, isn’t playing much at the moment for either Arsenal or England even though he’s not injured: warning sign.

So be careful how you present someone who doesn’t have the sporting world at his feet just now. Which means you don’t title the damn thing: “In the Sneakers of Theo Walcott.” Walking in the footsteps of giants it ain’t – nor was ever likely to be.

And there’s more. There’s Theo and his mates being all bad-ass cool but doing so in what looks like Theo’s lovely home in the posh suburbs. There’s even a nice pair of legs (no sneakers) making an unlikely appearance. Is she an estate agent? Is this a pilot for daytime TV?

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