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Why brands need to offer last minute inspiration in the run up to Mother’s Day

Here are  some tips from Phuong Nguyen, eBay Advertising, for marketers capitalising on last minute Mother’s Day shopping

Mother’s Day can often be a last minute scramble for shoppers but it’s still one of the biggest gift buying days of the year. With a small window left to impress consumers, marketers need to leverage real-time insight to gain share of wallet.

Here are a few tips for marketers on how to capitalise on consumers’ shopping habits in the eleventh hour before Mothering Sunday:

Tap into observed insight

Everyone’s mother is unique and marketers need to avoid stereotypes. By observing a shopper’s browsing history, you can determine whether they have a specific gift in mind, or whether they are researching several different present ideas. There is plenty of opportunity to engage and inspire shoppers who don’t have a predetermined item in mind. Marketers who overlay insight and look at what consumers have bought as gifts in the past will be presented with “qualified leads.”

For example, if someone purchased luxury scented candles or hand cream in the run up to Christmas, you can deduce that they may be inspired to buy a gift set from the same or rival brand for their mother ahead of this Sunday.

Keep mobile in mind

Mobile will be key for shoppers looking for gifts for their mum. Shoppers are likely to browse on the train and on the move from their mobiles. Retailers need to ensure their campaigns are succinct and tailored to the small screen. Brands that geo-target with location specific offerings can capitalise on commuter commerce.

For example, shoppers will be browsing on their way home from work as their attention turns to the weekend. There are plenty of opportunities for brands that can leverage omnichannel as some consumers leave it to the final moment and will be looking for ideas on the way to their parents’ house on the day itself, nimble brands that provide relevant messages will inspire shoppers to enter bricks and mortar stores.

Demonstrate your brand value

When it comes to buying for their mother, quality will be front of mind for consumers as they look to demonstrate they care and appreciate them. It’s important that marketers showcase what their brand stands for to catch consumers’ eyes while they’re in the shopping mind-set. Whether it’s quality, performance or heritage – reassure shoppers that they’re making the right decision by selecting your brand for their mum.

Speak their language

There are no prescribed norms when it comes to buying Mother’s Day gifts. Brands that create Mother’s Day specific campaigns will see results. Shoppers want to demonstrate that they have been thoughtful and marketers who tailor messages that highlight the uniqueness of their products will capture consumer’s attention and ultimately gain competitive advantage.

There’s still time to inspire shoppers over the next few days, and brands that harness the opportunity online are set to make considerable gains.

Tips from Phuong Nguyen, eBay Advertising, for marketers capitalising on last minute Mother’s Day shopping

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