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Continuous Quality Coverage Framework™ : “iPhones hold twice as much share in the U.S. than in Europe”

by on May 31, 2015 in iPhone, Lead Article, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, News you can use, Research

As device proliferation continues, mobile app developers need an effective strategy for ensuring real world performance and quality prior to release.

To help mitigate risk, Perfecto Mobile has developed the Continuous Quality Coverage Framework™ (CQCF™), a patent-pending solution for generating test lab requirements from evolving market data, leading industry research firms and Perfecto Mobile cloud consolidated data.

Perfecto Mobile recently launched its first Mobile Test Coverage Index report, which provides a simple device selection methodology that mobile app developers and testers should use to provide the greatest mobile market coverage.

Key Takeaways from the report which should inform device selection decisions include:

  • iPhones hold twice as much share in the U.S. than in Europe – the iPhone device family captures 35% of the U.S. market, as opposed to 16% in Europe meaning that if your app will be used in the U.S. it is important to have an iPhone sample size that reflects this preference
  • Android 5.0 adoption rates are low in both the U.S. and Europe – contrary to popular belief, in this instance, it is more beneficial to ensure you are testing on the older Android KitKat and JellyBean versions
  • Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices account for a total of 7% in Europe and 4% in the U.S. – these platforms continue to see low adoption rates among end-users and therefore do not require significant testing when bringing an app to market

While it’s necessary to tailor your test coverage to the devices and operating systems that best represent your market, those devices will quickly change, as the mobile market is constantly evolving.

To help keep up, this report will be released quarterly to reflect the changes in the market and include new smartphones and tablets as well as wearable devices as this new category becomes more relevant for enterprise mobile testing teams.

About Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile the world’s leader in mobile app quality, provides a hybrid cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab that enables mobile app development and testing teams to deliver better apps faster.

The Continuous Quality Lab supports testing processes earlier and more often in the development cycle, giving way to faster feedback and improved time to market. Users can access an exhaustive selection of real mobile devices connected to live networks around the world and leverage them for testing and monitoring throughout the mobile application development lifecycle – from development, functional and performance testing to monitoring and support.

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