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B2B Decision Makers : A new bespoke newsletter platform is now up and running. It’s called ‘Newslettered’

by on June 15, 2015 in Lead Article

  • At last!  A bespoke weekly newsletter designed, curated and tracked for results
  • Only £85 per week
  • Get a free trial issue –  Will Corry 01784 434 412

Click the graphic to see how your bespoke newsletter could look

Are you getting your message through to the right prospects on a regular basis? A weekly newsletter (plus full integration into your website) is now available.

Better still all the hassle is taken off your hands. We do the content curation and the management of the concept. A new bespoke newsletter platform is now up and running. It’s called ‘Newslettered’  Here is how your newsletter could look

*A ‘rolling news’ bespoke site created for your company
*Quality content curation – The content hassle taken out of the equation
*A great weekly newsletter using bespoke content and your own articles etc.
*A bespoke microsite that can be fully integrated into all of your sites

*Various layout styles available  * Full result reports included using Lead Forensics

Another huge extra benefit … Your articles would get that important extra coverage by being loaded into these sites each time


Fresh Marketing News (Scoop It)

The very best of TheMarketingblog (Tumblr)

Shaken & Stirred (Rebel Mouse)

Twitter 5,189 prospects

LinkedIn 2,578 prospects


Our Award Winning Newsletter Reaching 25,000 prospects three / four times a week.

Better still it will not wreck your hard pressed marketing budget. It’s only £135 per week. However there is a special rate offer available until the 15th of July 2015. At only £85 per week it’s a no brainer.  A real winner. If you want to give your sales a huge extra boost for the rest of this year – call me 01784 434 412 and I will take you through the details. How it works and all the benefits.

P.S. If you would like to see a trial issue of your bespoke newsletter (no obligation) just call me 01784 434 412 and I will set it up for you. Sorry – it’s first five callers only.

Building trust through engaging content – Will Corry, the UK Content Curator + Great Brand Journalism.

Will Corry 01784 434 412


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