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Avis complaints – “Unprofessional, unresponsive cowboys”: “Total scam – beware”: “Customer service is an absolute disgrace”

Sam of London, May 6, 2015
Avis’ customer service is an absolute disgrace. I am in a dispute with this company over a payment (they actually want £450 for a 2 cm scratch to one of their alloys).

Firstly they took the money off of my credit card without my permission – at the time of the damage they said if I signed the receipt they would take the money off my credit card – I didn’t sign it and they still took the money off my card. Then when I disputed this and the damage costs by email I received no response (for 3 weeks now).

To compound matters when I spoke to them this morning the customer service representative shouted at me and then hung up on me! An absolute disgrace – I will never ever use them again and strongly advise everyone to steer clear of this band of unprofessional, unresponsive cowboys. How a multinational company can act in this way is absolutely beyond me. I will be going to the citizens advice bureau and indeed to court if need be.

Joanne of Copthorne, March 30, 2015
Prepaid for our car rental in advance for £386. Collected the car at Phoenix Airport and the receptionist said because we had such a good deal with British Airways we were entitled to an upgrade. During the conversation she repeated that we were extremely lucky to have such a good deal and because of this she could offer us another car. At no time did she say that there would be a cost involved. Since our return to the UK we have been charged a further £496!!

I have been corresponding with Avis but they have offered no support or concern that their staff are not advising customers of hidden charges. If I had been told of a charge for the upgrade I would never of accepted the car because the car we had booked was already more than suitable. Not happy and will definitely be taking this matter further.

Graham of Liverpool, March 24, 2015

Avis rented me a car at Cape town int’l airport South Africa. They insisted there was no damage to the car, being a new car. Big mistake not to go over it inspecting every panel. We took their word for it. On returning the car, their inspector took some paperwork and went STRAIGHT to a minor indentation on the rear hatch top, virtually invisible. I knew straight away I was being scammed and told them so. No damage was sustained whilst in my care.

Outcome? Avis charged me £341.Total Scam. BEWARE.



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