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“What’s My Worth? £7 a minute,” consumers tell advertisers / Millennial Media

by on June 21, 2015 in Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Lead Article, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, Online Advertising, Online Video, QR Codes, Research, Search Marketing

Millennial Media have commissioned a unique and independent research study (via Opinium Research) looking at consumer attitudes towards mobile advertising in the UK, France, Germany and the US.

The new research study titled “What’s My Worth”, looks for the first time at what consumers believe their worth is to advertisers.

New research into how much consumers believe their time is worth to mobile advertisers has unearthed the going rate £6.80 per user, per minute.

Within the UK, consumers have suggested that engaging with one minute of advertising on a mobile device is equivalent to £6.80 per consumer for advertisers. The study shows the UK has the second highest consumer worth, following the US.

Highlights from the research indicate that today’s consumers understand and accept the value exchange of ads supporting free apps and content:

  • Four in five (79%) stated that they understood this paradigm
  • Almost three quarters (72%) said they expected ads on mobile devices to keep content free
  • Only 3% paid for apps to remove ads

Other key points:

  • Mobile devices are more than twice as likely to make consumers remember a product or message than desktop
  • Consumers are more likely to consider a product or a brand that they would not have otherwise have thought about (18%) after seeing mobile advertising
  • The UK consumers were most responsive to mobile advertising: 58% most likely to make a purchase in store  90% online after seeing a mobile ad.
  • Cross-screen users are thriving and 43% say they would be more likely to pay attention to other adverts from the same brand in the future



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