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iProspect launches specialist B2B marketing division

by on October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Leading digital performance agency iProspect launches iProspect Enterprise, a new B2B online marketing division. Catering to the fast-growing market demand for digital consultancy specifically tailored for B2B brands, the new global division has been set up with three international hubs; London, Chicago and Singapore. From these hubs, the agency will look to offer insight, consultancy and online solutions to help B2B brands take advantage of the growing number of digital opportunities in order to engage prospects and customers online. The offering will be also benefit from a close partnership with sister agency Carat Enterprise.

Matt Adams, MD of iProspect UK said: “Digital has transformed the face of business. The online ecosystem enables professionals to connect, research and engage. Networks such as LinkedIn and Google are now forming, through content, a central hub for the B2B community. We are launching Iprospect Enterprise to allow B2B marketers the opportunity to take advantage of our global scale; data-led strategy and deep digital insight.”

iProspect Enterprise launched at an exclusive event on Thursday 8 October, where industry figures debated the latest issues facing the B2B marketer. The events panel included Jennifer Brett, EMEA Insights Lead for Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn and David Liu, Industry Head, Business & Technology Vertical, Google. Both businesses conducted research into the changing B2B marketing landscape online and the impact of these findings was the focus of discussion throughout the event.


Findings from the research include:


  • 89% of the customer journey happens online

  • 98% of B2B purchases starting with search

  • B2B customers are already 57% of the way towards making a decision before reaching out to a potential vendor

  • 81% of non c-suite employees influence purchase decisions

  • 72% of B2B marketers are aged under 45

  • 62% of customers aged 18-34 are researching four or more times a day, versus 52% of 35-44 year olds and 45% of 45-54 year olds

  • 55% of millennials use mobile phones to search specifically for business purchases

Jennifer Brett, EMEA Insights Lead for Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn comments: “It’s easy to presume that the key decision makers in B2B marketing are c-suite level, but digital is changing the decision making process. Our research finds that today’s decision makers are both younger and far more digitally savvy than first perceived. This signals just how important online channels are for influencers of all ages. Digital is increasingly where all business audiences are spending time and making informed decisions; making it vital for B2B brands to invest there.”

David Liu, Industry Head, Business & Technology Vertical at Google said: “The path to purchase for B2B services is increasingly taking place online and our research shows just how important digital has become to the purchasing process. B2B marketers need to think about how they engage customers at the start of their purchase journey; as customers are 57% of the way towards making a decision before even reaching out to a potential vendor. Using digital during the research stage, through mobile, search and social channels is therefore imperative to increasing leads and sales at the end.”

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