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YOC releases “2015 Mobile Ad Formats Trend Report”

YOC a leading provider of data-driven mobile advertising solutions in Europe, has released its findings on buying trends in the mobile advertising market.

The report, which has been compiled from the data provided by YOC’s European partner network, has confirmed that user-oriented formats are gaining significant ground on large-scale ads.

The request for formats such as interactive video ads and full screen interstitial ads has remained static, with demand rising among the YOC partner network for developments such as rich media ads. The Understitial format, which enables ads to be filled with graphics, HTML5 or videos, is now one of the top five most popular formats. In the UK, advanced advertising spenders, specifically the telecommunications, entertainment and automotive industries are investing heavily in these latest mobile advertising technologies.

The video version of Understitial ads, a non-intrusive moving image format which merges with the operations of the user, has been used in the mobile advertising campaigns of major European brands. These include O2, Microsoft, the Sparkasse Savings Bank and Telekom Austria.

In the UK, banner formats are still widely used. Up to 70% of UK businesses included in the study preferred these formats, stating that they achieved click-through rates of up to 9%.

The report also highlighted the media agencies’ role in the future of performance campaigns, which are enjoying significant growth in the UK. They are expected to become increasingly involved in mobile advertising trading through their own designated trading desks.

Mark Wright, Managing Director UK, states: “The demand for mobile advertising is increasing. 80% of YOC’s European clients have expanded their mobile ad campaigns this year, focusing primarily on branding.

There has been a shift in the development of premium programmatic, mobile video and user-oriented ad formats and in the next twelve months these technologies will drive growth in the mobile advertising market.

Advertisers are still relying on banner and overlay ads, but the trend is moving towards mobile ad formats as they create a brand experience for the user which is positive and emotive but non-intrusive.”

Wright added:
“In order to further reinforce our market position, we are constantly working on the expansion of our programmatic technology for creative solutions in the branding and performance of tomorrow.”

Additional Report Information
YOC’s partner outreach – 25% DACH countries, 55% UK and 20% Spain.