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Gameloft Advertising Solutions presents an exclusive package to promote the Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Gameloft Advertising Solutions and Gillette have partnered to promote the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology through an innovative advertising format: the mini-game.

Integrated within Gameloft’s games, this mini-game represents an original way of immersing oneself in the world of Gillette. Players will have 30 seconds to smash the most bricks possible using a ball, all by moving Gillette’s latest Fusion ProGlide Flexball to the left or right – much like the responsiveness of the real razor itself.

“Thanks to our creative abilities, we were able to develop a mini-game that fits within the world of Gillette, all while offering our players a fun way to discover the brand,” said François Munck, Director of Business Development at Gameloft. “We are very happy to be providing the Gillette brand with a mobile advertising format as innovative as a mini-game.”

“Gillette is a brand that prides itself on innovation in keeping up with consumers’ ever demanding needs & lifestyle. This absolutely includes our marketing strategies such as making use of highly engaging media and being at the forefront of the latest technologies on mobile advertising. Our collaboration with Gameloft is a great match in creating an innovative way of engaging today’s consumer,” added Stephanie Chan, Brand Manager at Gillette Southeast Asia.

The “Gillette Flexball” mini-game is already available inside Gameloft’s biggest hits. A video campaign that airs the brand’s latest advertisement rounds out this innovative mobile package.

With a monthly global audience of more than 173 million active players and an inventory of more than 10 billion mobile impressions across the world, Gameloft Advertising Solutions offers advertisers a unique level of visibility and interactivity.

The “Gillette Flexball” mini-game and the video campaign are only available in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

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