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Insomnis reveals the ‘hover rate’ – a unique, new development for display advertising

by on December 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Insomnis reveals the ‘hover rate’ – a unique, new development for display advertising

Advertisers can now understand the hover rate of their display advertising

With the launch of Hover Rate, advertisers from today will know how many internet users have hovered over but not clicked on their display advertisement, alongside the normal click through data

Insomnis Media is launching this new functionality with its technology partner Phorm, the leading ad-tech company and first party data platform provider.  The launch is part of the Insomnis/Phorm approach to continuously developing its platform to offer new products with value for advertisers.

Insomnis will use Hover Rate technology in two ways with its clients.  At the start of any new display campaign, Insomnis run a Test & Learn cycle and Hover Rate will help judge both the creative execution effectiveness and the relative effectiveness of its placement size and position.  Then after a campaign, Insomnis provide a Hover Rate insight report which allows marketers to make more informed decisions about audience targeting and the planning of their next display campaign.

Hover Rate is a 100% measurable outcome for all advertising campaigns seen on desktop and laptop devices that reports on the number of users who have hovered over but not clicked an ad in post-campaign analytics reports to clients.  The implications for the issue of viewability are clear – you can only hover on an ad if you are seeing an ad!

Additionally, the hover data can provide insights by audience channel, reporting where particular user channels are over-indexing significantly, so that advertisers can make more informed decisions about how to target other marketing activities.  And it will inform advertisers about which advertisement positions, sizes and formats are working best.  In a recent campaign for luxury televisions that ran on the platform, whilst the ad itself delivered a click through rate (CTR) of 0.41%, the Hover Rate was close to 10%, which yielded rich behavioural data for the advertiser.

CEO of Insomnis, Mr Mike Moran, commented:

“Whilst the ability to identify where a web user hovers on a page isn’t new, the application of a Hover Rate to a display advertisement is new and unique to the UK market and an exciting new development for advertisers running display campaigns.  It will enable our clients to make decisions about advert creativity and placement and provides a rich data source for channel refinement and future targeting.  It has also added much to our ‘Test & Learn’ approach to display advertising.”

Phorm’s CEO, Timothy Smith commented:

“We are very pleased to be announcing this enhancement to our platform today.  Working with Insomnis we seek to constantly enhance our offer to advertisers, helping them to drive their advertising insights, performance and efficiency.”

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