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Video conferencing and product patronage: How to reach your intended audience

Marketing is a method of communication which is used to influence the attitudes of specific groups of consumers towards patronizing your product or service. You can often seen this in the various commercials that companies have in the UK or the various ad campaigns that can be seen on billboards and street signs all over the region Graphics by Shutterstock

In essence, instead of a sense of impartiality, marketing actually presents information in such a way so as to influence consumers through selective dissemination of information in order to create an emotional rather than a rational response to when it comes to buying a particular product or service.

This is a way in which a company attempts to convince consumers that their product or service is superior or better based on the facts they are presenting.

With the upcoming local elections in the UK in 2016, finding a way to get your points across to potential product patrons has become even more important due to election season often resulting in a spending spree by companies. However, how companies can devise greater brand patronage outside of current methodologies is a mystery. One potential solution is to utilize online conferencing through providers like Blue Jeans in order to help companies stay in touch with their customers on a more personal level.

Why Use This Method?

Companies trying to stay in touch with their consumers want a controlled atmosphere where they can safely espouse their views and communicate with their customers. This type of interaction is often done by technology companies using video conferencing sessions that they announce via Twitter or other forms of social media.

This method of getting in touch with their customers enables companies to get product feedback, announce new features, help with issues and create an environment where customers can express their concerns. stated that marketing from PR departments has been utilised in various UK product campaigns as a form of product “warfare” where companies compete for the customer’s attention through ads. However, sometimes these ad campaigns can rub customers the wrong way and result in a lot of negative feedback online and lost business.

Through the use of online video conferencing that can be broadcast online, explains that companies can select questions and responses via a messaging system that is directed to them that comes straight from people viewing the video. This controlled atmosphere allows them to select questions which they believe would connect with the type of positive marketing they are releasing. Not only does this method enable potential companies to reach a broad audience, it also allows them to express their views and contend with other companies in a setting that does not involve excessive chaos.

Why This Method Is Considered Effective

Perception is interpreted as being used in the following manner: to change or neutralise hostile opinions, to crystallise latent opinions and positive attitudes, and finally to conserve favourable opinions. As such, explained that the importance of persuasion to successful contemporary public relations all boils down to the ability to influence individuals toward a certain train of thought.

Persuasion can be stated as having the capacity to shape perceptions and thus the way people interpret and accept information. This is why video conferencing that is broadcast online is be the perfect platform for companies to get in touch with their customers in the UK since it enables them to be better perceived by the people they are targeting.

With today’s Internet oriented culture, there are increasingly more consumers that are experienced Internet users than those that are not. Companies need to target these individuals and the best way to do so is to go to the environment where they are most likely to be found. Hosting online Q&As is a great way to foster feedback from this tech savvy demographic, and can be advertised online via Google Ads or through an assortment of other methods of both traditional and non-traditional methods of marketing.

By popularising the online video conference as an event, people would be more likely to participate by watching it. All in all, it is a win-win situation for companies since they can get more people to know what they stand for clearly, and in a context that’s tightly controlled and cultivated.


Based on the information presented, it can be stated that effective persuasion truly does shape perceptions and thus the way people interpret and accept information which makes it an important tool in marketing.

It must be noted though that just because a persuasive argument is effective does not make it ethical. With the potential use of video conferencing, companies should use their marketing machines to make feasible promises they can actually accomplish instead of creating pipe dreams simply to get a product sold. This helps to generate good will from the customers the company is targeting and makes it more likely they will patronize your product or service.