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LSM explains how marketing qualifications can help students to engage with ‘Generation Z’

The latest blog post by London School of Marketing discusses new online communication methods, and in particular, how to reach out to the teen demographic, often referred to as Generation Z. Among these new methods of communication are emojis.

The Japanese word ‘emoji’ is a composite of ‘picture’ (e) and ‘character’ (moji). According to the post, companies across the world are starting to grasp the importance of emojis when it comes to connecting with teenagers.

Anton Dominique, the school’s Chief Marketing Officer, said:  “The power of emojis should not be underestimated. “Research has shown that viewers of emojis which represent happy or sad faces experience the same emotional response as they would if they were looking at a real human face – so they can be used to communicate effectively with an extremely wide audience.”

The blog post considers some of the ways that emojis have been used in marketing campaigns, such as CNN’s use of emojis representing presidential candidates, to encourage young people to engage with their coverage. The post also looks at Peta’s emoji-based campaign, which asked teenagers to text a heart to demonstrate their support for the cause.

The full blog post, including a detailed look at a number of recent marketing campaigns which have used emojis, can be viewed at London School of Marketing’s website. The qualifications and courses offered by the school, including the CIM certificate and DMI diploma, can be viewed here.