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Google is launching a new online accountancy service, Google Diddle

Google is launching a new online accountancy service, Google Diddle, just in time for the tax return deadline.

Google demonstrated its awesome commanded of UK tax legislation when it agreed to pay £130m in taxes dating back to 2005 following a six year inquiry by HMRC costing UK taxpayers £130m.

Bankrupt self-employed plumber Paul Mycock, currently serving eighteen months for tax evasion following a £500 non-disclosure on his 2011/2012 tax return said ‘I’m delighted to hear that HMRC has agreed to accept £13m per year back tax from Google on its multi-billion pound sales in Britain. I shall certainly be using their new Google Diddle service to complete my tax returns if I ever work again when I get out of here.’

Matt Brittin, head of Google Europe, commented ‘Our tax lawyers and accountants can obviously run rings around the intellectually challenged HMRC inspectors but we don’t want to rub their noses in it. In future, we’ll let them have the small change down the back of the Google sofas, provided that those sofas are domiciled in the UK of course.’

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