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InSkin Media & Moat partner globally to tackle viewability of non-standard ads

Following their study in which two-thirds of senior agency and publisher execs said viewability guidelines were inadequate for non-standard ad formats (such as skins and wallpapers), InSkin Media has partnered globally with Moat to address the issue.

Ad technology company InSkin Media today announced a global partnership with analytics firm Moat to help address the issue of measuring viewability for non-standard ad formats such as skins and wallpapers.

The partnership with Moat – the first company accredited by the US’ Media Ratings Council (MRC) to measure viewability for both mobile in-app and mobile web – means reporting on campaigns run by InSkin will include viewability rates and in-view time. This covers all types of ad format, across desktop, smartphone and tablet, and will be benchmarked against Moat’s database of billions of impressions.

A study conducted by InSkin Media with consultancy FaR Partners in Q3 2015, revealed nearly two-thirds (63%) of senior agency and publisher executives felt viewability standards need to be updated to adequately measure viewability for larger, non-standard ad formats – particularly skins and wallpapers. The study also revealed the most important challenge facing online ad viewability is measurement.

“The research was prompted after asking several leading vendors to measure the viewability of InSkin’s non-standard ad formats, according to the current standards. The results ranged from a staggering 5%, to 85%,” said Steve Doyle, InSkin Media’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Moat stood out for their rigorous approach and their ability to measure non-standard or bespoke rich-media ad formats, such as our PageSkin.”

Doyle continued: “In a complex online advertising environment, validating ad exposure is a crucial stepping stone on a brand advertiser’s path to proving ad engagement and effectiveness. Our partnership with Moat will help advertisers to achieve that.”

Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and CEO of Moat, added: “Viewability across campaigns is the starting point of a bigger conversation about how consumers pay attention to digital ads. We applaud InSkin’s leadership in the industry and commitment to transparency, accountability, and measurement of campaign effectiveness beyond traditional response metrics.”

The partnership will roll out internationally from February 2016, starting in the UK and Germany.