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IPM announce results for Diploma and Incentives and Motivations Courses

The IPM is delighted to announce that the results from its latest IPM Diploma, and Incentive and Motivation Diploma intakes achieved phenomenal results.

Both courses achieved a 100% pass rate; with 60% of candidates achieving a credit and 9% receiving a distinction in the IPM Diploma. Some 40% of candidates achieved a credit or distinction in their final mark for the Incentive and Motivation Diploma.

The IPM Diploma, which involves a series of assignments and a set brief that has to be completed within a six-month period, is seen as the best possible grounding for those responsible for running promotions within the UK and mainland Europe.

Candidates leave the course with the basic foundation knowledge of promotional marketing necessary to understand promotional marketing’s role within integrated communications campaigns, including; planning, instigating and managing effective promotional marketing concepts with confidence.

The IPM Incentive & Motivation Diploma is a qualification specifically designed for the reward and recognition industry.  It takes the form of a distance learning programme with seven modules and a set brief that are to be completed over a five-month period. It provides a second-to-none understanding of Incentive & Motivation techniques and is widely recognised within the industry as a benchmark for best practice, ensuring that candidates are able to confidently plan, instigate and manage Motivation campaigns.Speaking about the personal benefits of taking the IPM Diploma,

Beth Pridham, Brand Manager at Odeon Cinemas, who received a distinction in this years’ intake, said: “The depth of knowledge gained around keeping promotional activity legal, fair and air-tight was especially interesting and crucial to my day-to-day role. The insight modules also encouraged me to really think about how to engage with a particular audience to achieve our desired business-focussed objectives. “There’s a lot of work involved, but it has had a hugely positive impact on my working life. I find myself thinking differently about the problems in front of me and questioning how my decisions to will achieve the optimum results vs the business challenges. “The seminars and tutorials were a fantastic opportunity get together with my peers and look at challenges in different and exciting ways.”

Harry Ryan, Account Manager at Blue Chip Marketing, a IPM Diploma distinction candidate, added: “There were some late nights and early mornings, but taking the Diploma has been a key part of my personal development.

It has given me a great understanding of the elements that need to be considered when developing successful promotional campaigns, from writing T&Cs to creating effective shopper marketing communications”.It is not just personal development that is one of the key benefits of taking an IPM Diploma.

Agencies, brands and service providers frequently highlight the wider business benefits of sending staff on IPM run Diplomas, courses and seminars. To put it simply, businesses that train their staff are more successful than those who don’t. Jessica Mason, Account Director at Haygarth, who mentored Maria Marti, another distinction candidate in this year’s IPM Diploma intake, said: “We believe that the IPM Diploma really benefits team members, especially giving them the confidence to advise our clients and manage demands and expectations.

Recently, three of our Promotional and Shopper Marketing team members gained two merits and a distinction; we were thrilled to support them all through this. All our staff who have taken the IPM Diploma have really immersed themselves in the course giving them the best possible understanding of how campaigns should run on both a strategic and practical level.

Speaking after receiving her results of the IPM’s Incentive and Motivations course, Pia Zeyss, Senior Account Manager at AYMTM, added: “Having not had much exposure to the strategic part of reward and recognition, the course provided a very good insight into the way we can currently reward and recognise as well as motivate and incentivise employees. In a continuously changing industry with new technologies and new schools of thought, the IPM allowed us to explore how we would apply these methods to different company structures, audiences and industry sectors.

I now feel far more confident in talking to my clients about the communications and reward strategy elements of a programme rather than only being able to comment on event logistics and the end reward. Being able to apply a solution to a brief was especially insightful in understanding this part of the industry we work in and linking the two sectors together.”

Carey Trevill, Managing Director at the IPM, commented: “Our training leads the world in terms of building promotional campaigns from the ground-up, giving candidates of any background and experience the confidence they need to run compliant and creative activities. We’re delighted that all the candidates passed, and that a high proportion did so with a credit or distinction.”