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One in four marketing professionals actively looking to change jobs

  • 27% of marketing professionals are actively looking for a new role.
  • Nearly half plan to change jobs in the next six months.
  • More than a third (37%) cite career progression as their main motivation for seeking a new role.

Original research from Robert Walters has revealed that 27% of marketing professionals are actively seeking a new job, with almost half planning to change roles in the next six months.

With the UK seeing steady economic growth, particularly in the technology and IT services sectors, many employers are looking to take on new talent in their marketing teams to win new business and expand.

However, businesses are facing a challenge in the form of a shortage of suitably qualified and experienced marketing professionals, a legacy of the recession when entry level hiring stalled, leading to a lack of mid-level workers today.

Ed Glover, Associate Director for marketing recruitment comments:

“As more firms move to do business online and expand their digital presence over traditional marketing channels, marketers with strong digital skills are in high demand, particularly in junior and mid level roles.”

“As a consequence, many marketing professionals with a strong digital skill set are ready to move, aware that their skills are in high demand.”

“More experienced digital marketing specialists, particularly those with a background in e-retail and technology, are choosing to remain within these sectors, leaving employers in other industries with a significantly smaller talent pool to draw on.”

Career progression top priority for marketing professionals

When asked about their motivation for changing roles, 37% of marketing professionals listed a desire for career progression as their top priority, while 23% stated that a pay rise would be the determining factor in their decision to move. However, despite the large number of candidates looking for a new job, some sectors will still struggle to fill vacancies.

Ed Glover continues:

“While employers across most sectors are facing a shortage of digital marketing professionals, this skills shortage is particularly acute outside of software, e-retailer and related employers.”

“Although pay and compensation is still a relevant factor, employers who can offer structured career progression may be able to gain an edge over competitors in the war for talent.”