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[Research] …. Oscars suffers ‘unpredictable’ TV viewership – Brits most likely to catch up online

Dror Ginzberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Wochit said:

“The Oscars, like many ‘standout’ TV events in the calendar, has suffered from unpredictable, fluctuating traditional TV viewership figures. Last year, a 16% drop in the US was recorded, a six year low for the awards, despite the previous year hitting a ten year high.”

“In the UK, only the BAFTAs can compare to the Oscars in terms of glitz and glam. However, creating content focusing on the awards is now an extremely crowded space as not only ‘traditional’ media try to vie for the general public’s attention, but also big brands and social media-focused commentators, such as bloggers and vloggers, are all fighting to be heard.

“However, many people in Britain are unlikely to stay up until the early hours of Monday morning to get their Oscars fix. With the average UK consumer now spending at least five hours a week watching TV, clips and films online, they are far more likely to catch up later that day, or during the week, online-only, to see who the winners were and which stars dressed to impress the most on the red carpet.

“Content creators are acutely aware of this and short form, quality video is now a critical way for them to capture widespread attention, as 61% of British consumers are likely to watch at least one of these videos every day.

“Not only this, with 70% of UK adults now ‘second screening’ those same creators who can focus on the social conversation and short form video, will win the biggest share of voice regarding the Oscars and capture as many eyeballs as possible.”

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