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The real players who own the ‘artisan’ products you thought were ‘homespun’

Products which look ‘homespun’ but are actually owned by big companies.

The documentary Supershoppers, which aired on Channel 4 on Monday night, told viewers: ‘There are lots of products that dress as David, but are actually produced by Goliath. Companies have twigged that well-meaning shoppers will pay a lot more if they believe they are buying homespun, trusted goods.’


1. Teapigs – owned by TATA, which also makes Tetley. 2. Rachel’s Organic yoghurt – bought by Nestle in 2010 (Lactalis Nestlé)   3. Dorset Cereals – bought by Associated British Foods plc.   4. Steve’s Leaves – owned by Vitacress, Europe’s largest packed salad company  5. Three Sixty coffee – owned by UCC Coffee, which also makes coffee for McDonalds.