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Valentine’s Day Research : Bing Ads Network expects more than 7 in 10 retail searches related to Valentine’s Day to be made from a mobile device in the run up to the big day

Bing Ads today releases its Valentine’s Day insights, revealing what romantic searches are being made, when, and by whom in the run up to the UK’s most romantic day of the year.

Based on searches made across the Bing platform, it has found love is now mobile, as marketers can expect more than 7 in 10 retail searches related to Valentine’s Day to be made from a mobile device in the run up to the big day.

Key findings:

  • Over half of V-day searches are expected to be made on the move
  • Men leave it late with searching for gifts, having only started this weekend and searches skyrocketing to almost double their usual volumes by 13th Feb
  • The most popular pre-Valentine’s day search times are 11am – 2pm on mobile, with a last minute rush between 7-10pm on PCs
  • ‘City breaks’ are the most searched for romantic getaway
  • Wedding bells could be ringing with ‘engagement rings’ the most searched for jewellery category

Panic Brits search for last minute gifts the day before Valentine’s Day

Bing Ads Network expects more than 7 in 10 retail searches related to Valentine’s Day to be made from a mobile device in the run up to the big day this year

9th February, London: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Bing Ads today releases findings that show this year Brits will fall truly madly in mobile love. Last year, Bing Ads saw 69 per cent of all retail Valentine’s Day searches made from a mobile device, with 43 per cent of total Valentine’s Day clicks also coming from people on the move. The continued growth of mobile search means mobile activity is likely to be even greater this year.

Based on findings from 2015, Bing Ads expects Brits to get planning in early February with men leading the charge with related retail searches spiking on the 7th of February and then skyrocketing even higher to almost double their usual volumes by the 13th of February. On the 13th itself, expect to see major differences in device behaviour: searches on mobile devices see a huge peak around 11am-2pm, whereas PCs see a last minute flurry between 7-10pm as searchers finalise their Valentines plans.

Minal Fofaria, head of EMEA Insights at Bing Ads, comments: “Our insights into Valentine’s Day behaviour online highlights how brands can leverage the power of Search data to capitalise on key dates, such as Valentine’s Day.

Marketers should be listening and reacting to these specific peaks in search activity to make sure they reach the right audiences, at the right time, on the right device. By knowing how and when people are searching we can empower marketers to create more meaningful connections that deliver value for both consumers and brands alike.”

Top 5 Retail keywords over the Valentine’s period:

Beauty & Fragrance Flowers Jewellery & Watches Lingerie Getaway Breaks
  1. Perfume / perfumes
  2. Perfumes women
  3. Bath bombs
  4. Women perfume
  5. Aftershave men
  6. Flowers / flower
  7. Flowers post
  8. Flowers delivered
  9. Roses
  10. Flower delivery
  11. Engagement rings
  12. Wedding rings
  13. Watches
  14. Diamond rings
  15. Jewellery
  16. Lingerie
  17. Sexy lingerie
  18. Lingerie underwear
  19. Sexy underwear
  20. Corset / corsets
  21. City breaks
  22. Spa breaks
  23. Weekend breaks
  24. Holiday cottages
  25. Last minute hotels


  1. Marketers should look to increase their mobile spend in advance of Valentine’s Day to capture ‘on-the-go’ shoppers
  2. With people switching to their PC the night before the big day, search marketers need to consider up-weighting spend and bids to reflect this surge in searches
  3. Whilst advertising to women should be consistent throughout the month of February, marketers should increase their spend towards men on the 7th and 13th of February, when they are most actively searching for gifts
  4. Visit Bing Ad’s full set of Valentine’s Day insights here, to help prepare your search strategy even further, ahead of the big day.