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Walker Zurich makes fishing look cool with tongue-in-cheek campaign for Fisherman’s Friend

Agency expands its creative library with TV spot for Fisherman’s Friend. Walker Zurich has created a witty integrated campaign for iconic lozenge maker, Fisherman’s Friend, catching the power of having strong, clear lungs after using the product.

The integrated campaign, entitled FlyBoardFishing, runs across TV, social and online. The spot sees a bare-chested fisherman skilfully diving dolphin-like in and out of the freezing sea in pursuit of his prey, on an aqua FlyBoard powered by the hardy lungs of his fellow ‘fisherman friend’. The strength of the fisherman’s lungs is rewarded when their catch of the day is thrown onto the nearby fishing boat.

The Pan European campaign involves clients from three different markets (UK, Germany and Switzerland). The spot is filmed to look like it was set in the icy waters of the Artic, with the icebergs ingeniously added after filming by visual effects studio, Important Looking Pirates, Stockholm. Lindsay McQueen, world-ranked HydroFlight athlete is featured as the unconventional fisherman.

Pius Walker, Creative Director at walker Zurich, said: “With its rich heritage, we are delighted to be working with Fisherman’s Friend. They’re not afraid to be creatively adventurous which allowed us to bring a modern and unique feel to this famous brand. The production was spread across five countries, including filming off the Mediterranean island of Majorca in sweltering 40 degree heat.”

Chris Gibson at Fishman’s Friend, said: “It can sometimes be hard to modernise a brand that has been around for so long, however, we feel like this new campaign really brings to light the contemporary image of Fisherman’s Friend.”

Following this spot, a second ad is set to be released at the end of February, highlighting Fisherman’s Friend’s new resealable packs. #flyboardfishing will also be running across social media.