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Women for Women : “Top tips for women on public speaking”

  • Australian Jess Scully gives her top tips for women on public speaking
  • Jess is the Festival Director of Vivid Ideas and Curator of TEDxSydney
  • She says women should take risks to do what they are passionate about
  • She wants more women to say yes to public speaking opportunities


    Draw on your confidence in your skills, or the individuality of your story: you were asked to speak for a reason. I ask just as many (if not more) women to speak than men, but In my experience, I find the women say no more often. Sometimes it’s because they have too many demands on their time, but often, it’s because of a lack of confidence, a reluctance to be seen as “showing off” or a sense that there’s someone better qualified to speak.

    We need to see more women presenting their expertise, their stories, their perspectives. Even if it terrifies you, say yes: you’ll soon see it wasn’t so bad, and you may even enjoy it. You’ll find it easier the second and third times. And we’ll all benefit from seeing reality more clearly represented on our stages, in our boardrooms or on our screens.

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