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Events : World-famous cosmologist Lawrence Krauss’s Space Odyssey moves venue due to exceptional demand

The how to: Academy write … Following the revelation last week by Lawrence Krauss (the renowned cosmologist) of the discovery of gravitational waves, we have received exceptional demand for his 2nd March lecture at the how to: Academy.

As a result, we have moved to the larger venue of Conway Hall, and released a limited number of extra tickets.

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Krauss’s remarkable piece in the New York Times, Finding Beauty in the Darkness, describes the LIGO experiment that enabled the detection of gravitational waves as ‘ testament to the persistent curiosity and ingenuity of humankind — the qualities that we should most celebrate about being human.’ The discovery itself proves that there are ripples in space-time (as predicted by Einstein), ‘which literally cause distances between objects alternately to decrease and increase in an oscillatory manner’.

This is no doubt one of the most significant discoveries that will be made in our lifetimes.

For an incomparable insight into space, time, the discovery of gravitational waves and the human ingenuity that proved their existence, we strongly recommend that you book tickets to hear Lawrence Krauss at the how to: Academy.