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[Case Study] – How Frooition exceeded sales targets and reduced marketing costs by 65%

( is the global web design company that provides creative services and productivity apps for over 260,000 customers worldwide. For over 10 years the company has provided thousands of designs across many platforms using cutting edge technology.

Its eBay store and listings designs enable any company, from small businesses to major enterprises, to increase sales on the ecommerce platform.

Clients include Dyson, Sony, Timberland and P&G among others.


Frooition wanted to overhaul its existing SEO and PPC efforts to achieve or exceed its high levels of online sales conversions with a 25% reduction in the marketing budget.


Following a rigorous selection process, Frooition partnered with digital marketing company Vertical Leap ( to remodel its SEO and PPC campaign with a new creative approach.

Vertical Leap was concerned with the existing use of the brand term eBay. As it stood, it limited the exposure of the Frooition ads. The agency used its Google support liaison service to identify the key contact at eBay, allowing them to request authorisation and remove the restriction placed on the adverts.

The entire account was then restructured based on historical data. This enabled Vertical Leap to focus the budget in the right areas. Keywords that did not perform were removed, reducing account waste, while keyword match types were refined to laser target search terms.

Vertical Leap’s marketing intelligence system, Apollo, was used to guide the team in creating the right content for the web pages and PPC ads, enabling actionable insight throughout the campaign.

Ad copy was rewritten to match the new structure of the account and improve the keyword quality score.

The ad schedule was adjusted to target high performing hours of the day while new ad extensions were created to highlight USPs and improve click through rates


By removing the poor performing keywords and refining targeting Vertical Leap were able to decrease the number of impressions by 33% and reduced overall spend by 65%.

The account restructures significantly improved the quality score and reduced cost per click by 52%.

Changes to ad copy and ad extensions (in conjunction with ad targeting) increased click through rate by 98%

Combined activities increased conversions by 21% but spent 65% less on clicks.


Cost per conversion down 70%     Total conversions up 21%    Conversion rate up 65%    Overall costs down 65%  Click through rate up 69%

Andrew Pinner, Online Marketing Manager at Frooition said:

“Vertical Leap manage our PPC and SEO and we are never left wondering what they are doing. With the PPC in particular we were a little cautious as we were already doing well on our own. The target for Vertical Leap was to absorb their cost by lowering the spend within 3 months. They did it in the first month!

We then increased spend 3 months ahead of schedule and the results are fantastic!