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Case Study : How Trent Furniture increased SEO revenue by 139%

by on March 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Trent Furniture is a leading UK supplier of quality contract furniture – including furniture for pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes and clubs.

SEO traffic to the Trent Furniture website had plateaued and there had been little growth in recent months. There were indications that a Google penalty or suppression was holding the site back.
The decision had been made to launch a new site on a new domain – However, this presented some risks. The Trent Pottery website was very well established, so moving to a new domain could mean losing the domain authority – the goodwill – that had been built up over the years. The company appointed Vertical Leap ( the digital marketing specialists to handle the Google issue, increase online traffic through SEO and increase revenue.

The challenge

• Remove any risks associated with a Google penalty
• Mitigate any loss of authority from launching a new site
• Increase SEO traffic to the new site
• Increase revenue from the new site

How did they do it?

Preparing for site launch

There were two key activities in preparing the new site. The first was to ensure that the new website followed all Google guidelines, was technically healthy; and that the new site provided a good search experience on both mobile and desktop.
Vertical Leap also had to deal with the penalty risk. Apollo Insights, their marketing intelligence system, analysed 8,203 individual links and highlighted 300 that required attention.

Optimising for sales

After the successful site launch, Vertical Leap focused on growing site traffic.
The first tactic was to fill the content gaps on the site in order to grow search visibility. Apollo Insights was used to advise on the search terms that would offer the most immediate potential. The content team then began writing for the site.

The team then turned to boosting the visibility that was being created by the new content. This included refining and optimising the site based on advice from Apollo and a number of outreach activities that would raise the authority of the new domain.

The results

SEO traffic to the site increased by over 70%, a gain of over 5,000 visitors per month.

• 71% immediate increase in SEO traffic
• 83% increase in YOY SEO traffic
• 99% increase in unique users from SEO traffic
• 139% Year on year increase in revenue from

• 74% increase in average order value from SEO traffic

• 37% increase in transactions from SEO traffic

Robert Price, managing director of Trent Furniture, said

“I am very pleased with the work Vertical Leap has done. The new site has performed very well and we have seen significant increases in SEO visibility, traffic and revenue. I continue to work with Vertical Leap and look forward to further, future gains.”


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