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“Never build a business relying on PayPal” – They hold back £55,000 of food firm boss’ takings

Frozen out: Julian Hearn cannot understand why his account was blocked

PayPal is advertised as an ‘easy and convenient’ way to pay and be paid for its 20million active UK users. But, as we report here, this is not always the case.

Millions of people sell personal items or build small businesses into rapidly expanding empires using the power of the internet.  But many will be unaware that online payments heavyweight PayPal can dictate how they access their money once buyers pay up.

Julian Hearn, of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, has had tens of thousands of pounds made from sales blocked by PayPal, which he says flies in the face of its tagline that ‘when you sell with PayPal there are no surprises’.

The successful businessman founded discount shopping website PromotionalCodes and sold it for millions of pounds back in 2011. Now he runs Huel, a firm selling nutritionally complete powdered food.

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