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Research : Recent stats from International Women’s Day from across the globe

Catherine Becker, CEO of VCCP Media, takes a look at some recent stats from International Women’s Day from across the globe.

The last five years has certainly shown some uplift in engagement. The chart below shows the Google global search interest since 2004.

Interest according to Google peaked at 4pm on Tuesday and this seemed to be when many of the articles online started to appear:

Women are certainly the most interested in the subject though it’s good to see a healthy interest from men too:

Globally, Google searches show that South America was the most interested in this topic, with the highest volume of Google search results for terms relating to International Women’s Day relevant to all other searches on that day.

However, Twitter social listening presents more of a skew to North America, UK and India.

International Women’s Day was first proposed in the early 1900s and was honoured officially for the first time in 1911. Since its early iterations, trends around IWD have taken on numerous different guises – from the early days of demonstrations and rallies, to the modern day in which many countries including Afghanistan, Belarus, Cambodia and Uganda celebrate IWD as an official holiday, and in which discussions on gender equality are being held on the world stage.

It’s great to see increased engagement in International Women’s Day both on a local and global scale and we hope to report yet more engagement in 2017.