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Women lead the charge over last-minute men in Easter shopping

Bing Ads today releases insights into online Easter shopping behaviour, revealing almost three quarters (69%) of searches will be made by females as they lead the charge in planning family fun this Easter.

Based on data from last year, Bing Ads expect 60 per cent of all Easter related retail searches to be made from a mobile device, continuing trends seen on other key retail shopping days so far this year such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Easter shopping queries are set to double three weeks before the bank holiday weekend – led by forward planning females – bouncing up by 500 per cent the week before. Over a third of all Easter searches (35%) will be performed by Generation X (35-49 year olds).

Over the family fun-filled weekend, Easter themed outfits are set to make an appearance with Easter bonnets and hats the most searched for accessories. Brits are expected to be feeling creative with Easter poems and recipes also amongst top retail keywords.

Top 5 retail keywords over the Easter period:


Gifts & Presents

Food & Drink

Clothing & Accessories

  1. Easter flower(s)
  2. Easter flower arrangement(s)
  3. Easter cactus
  4. Easter liliesChurch
  5. Chruch flowers Easter
  1. Easter gift(s)
  2. Egg cup(s)
  3. Easter card(s)
  4. Egg holder(s)
  5. Easter poem(s)
  1. Easter egg(s)
  2. Egg Easter
  3. Chocolate Easter egg(s)
  4. Hot cross bun(s)
  5. Easter cake(s)
  1. Easter bonnet (s)
  2. Easter hat(s)
  3. Easter bunny costume
  4. Baby Easter outfit
  5. Easter bunny ears

The annual insights report from Bing Ads also reveals that over Easter weekend, tablets are expected to be the device of choice on Good Friday with search volumes expected to increase by 300%. Smartphones are anticipated to lead the way on Easter Sunday with search queries up 5-fold.

Minal Fofaria, Head of EMEA Insights at Bing Ads, comments: “Our insights into online search behaviour around Easter gives brands the opportunity to ‘hop’ into the lead and plan ahead to capture consumer attention ahead of Easter weekend.

Brands must harness the power of search data to help inform their Easter campaigns by understanding when and what people are searching for. Through using these insights, we can empower marketers to make meaningful connections with consumers.”

Top tips for marketers to give campaigns a bounce this Easter:

  1. Marketers should ensure there is enough budget assigned to campaigns to last the extended Easter weekend.
  2. Big modifiers will be important for marketers given the clear age and gender breakdown in Easter searchers to ensure they are targeting the right demographic, at the right time.
  3. With female query volumes increasing five times on the Thursday before Easter, search marketers need to consider up-weighting spend and bids to reflect this surge in searches.
  4. As mobile and tablet are the most prominent devices used, marketers should be sure to engage with mobile device users, especially those showing retail intent.
  5. Visit Bing Ads’ full set of Easter insights on Bing Ads or Bing Ads on SlideShare to help prepare your search strategy even further, ahead of the Easter period.

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