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Braintree’s #AcceptAnything food truck

Last week Braintree, a PayPal company, brought its #AcceptAnything Food Truck to dev. and start up hot-spots in East London. Since Braintree lets you accept anything: credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, bitcoin, and whatever’s next, they wanted to ask the question: ‘what if we literally accepted anything?’

So the team created the Braintree “Accept Anything” Food Truck: the first food truck that lets customers decide how to pay.

The truck served 900 meals served over three days with vistors paying with anything they liked – from fist bumps to thumb wrestles to poetry and confessions of love.

The campaign resulted in an earned social spike, lots of positive sentiment and increased awareness of Braintree and its Software Development Kit amongst London based devs. Some images attached and check out a video of the campaign here – would you be interested in speaking to Braintree about the campaign, or using it as a B2B experiential case study?

This week the food truck will visit work spaces in Sydney, Australia to bring the #AcceptAnything campaign to more developers.

Some of the best ‘acceptings’ were:

  • A tech poet came by with a memorized limerick
  • One girl freestyle-d 12 bars
  • Someone sang Justin Bieber
  • A guy called his Mom in Bulgaria to tell her he loved her
  • One couple went through their signature dance move

Some of the verbatim social mentions:

  • Queuing for free @Braintree lunch – consider this tweet a deposit.
  • @braintree is very cool. Thanks for the free lunch! #AcceptAnything
  • Thanks @braintree – Such a yummy lunch and I won a thumb war, bonus! #acceptanything
  • @braintree were giving out food in exchange for any type of payment so I spat bars for them
  • Loving the @braintree #acceptanything food truck in Shoreditch yesterday
  • Paid for my lunch by holding my breath for 20s. Really creative campaign by @braintree at @WeWorkLDN
  • Pay for your lunch in a creative way! Wooow #Braintree well played!!! Deliciouuus