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eBay soon to sell branded packaging : Tamebay Blog

eBay has announced that it will be launching its own range of branded packaging in the US.

As the blog post notes: “At eBay, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our sellers grow and ship smarter. With that in mind, we’ll soon be launching a branded supplies store, featuring eBay branded quality boxes, envelopes and tape – with more items to be added over time.”

The eBay Shipping Supplies store is a partnership with a third-party fulfilment company that has been licensed to use the eBay trademark. Sellers will be able to buy 100 percent recyclable boxes in 10 different sizes and other packaging.

Manish Joneja, Head of North America Shipping Business says: “We’re not only excited to introduce eBay branded shipping supplies to our customers, but to do so in a cost-effective, eco-friendly and convenient manner that satisfies the needs of our sellers.”

It’s a cute enough idea but hardly a game changer. If the price was right, would you buy eBay branded packaging? Or maybe they should be paying you?