Shaken & Stirred - Influential Brand Profiling and Positioning

“How we can help you shake up brand planning in 2016” … John Whittaker, Future Thinking


Brand planning is top of mind for many marketers at the moment.

John Whittaker writes …  Every year panel supplied data is used to retrospectively understand consumer purchase and consumption.

More often than not, their read on many brands is either too low to be reliable or the need states and occasions are too generic to really offer anything to differentiate with. In fact, there’s a real danger that you’ve heard it all before.

Here at Future Thinking we believe there is a way to shake up brand planning. We work alongside clients to run mini Usage & Attitude studies (U&A’s), focused entirely on giving the brand teams powerful targeted insights into their 5 W’s and crucially how to leverage this learning.

Check out our consumer profile to see how our typical brand plan reveals:

  • Who the core user is
  • What they are buying
  • When they buy and consume
  • Where they are buying
  • Why they buy

Once we have our robust data, we will analyse, interpret and then run brand surgeries to not only debrief, but also work through what the insights mean and help you begin the process of planning itself. Working with Texo consulting, we can also run wider workshops alongside the continuous and panel agencies data to collectively explore, identify and evolve your brand offer.

At last, what every Insight Manager desires – a truly consumer and market led brand plan, bespoke to your brand, that will highlight market impact and ultimately provide competitive advantage.

For more information on brand planning, please call/email Dan Young – Senior Director on +44 (0) 3333 208 220.