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Jeep first to use new “Edge” mobile ad format – InSkin Media

Format promotes positive user experience and addresses ad blocking

First campaign achieves 95% viewability rate and 43 second average in-view time

Jeep is the first advertiser to take advantage of a new ad format, developed specifically for smartphones, to overcome the challenges of engaging mobile web audiences, overcoming ad blocking and monetising mobile web content.

The format, called “PageSkin Edge”, was created by ad tech company InSkin Media

, initially to provide a non-intrusive branding format for the mobile web on Tablet devices. InSkin has now further developed the format specifically for Smartphones. It wraps around the top and right-hand sides of webpage content – as the viewer scrolls through the content, the right-hand side element, with branding and calls to action, scrolls the page as well, and remains in view.

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