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[Watch] … Mobile agency chooses Tinder to find its next marketing recruit – Fetch

Using social media for recruitment is not a new thing, but in an industry as fast moving as mobile it’s useful to move beyond Linkedin, especially when tech savvy candidates are being wooed by so many organisations.

As experts in the mobile and social media space, Fetch turned to its creative department to build a campaign which used Tinder to hire its next marketing intern to New York. The position demanded someone who was just as at ease using social media as they were producing video content.  With Tinder’s use demographic skewing in favour of 50 million 18-34 year olds, Fetch knew exactly where to find a candidate who would not only be able to do the job but would provide an ‘exact match’ for its culture too.

So Fetch created New York based ‘profiles’, both male and female which offered a marketing intern a new job instead of a hook up. The profiles themselves used humour to make for a memorable and attention grabbing job posting. By switching the app on for just a half hour a day Fetch’s team got to work. Once a candidate ‘swiped right’ Fetch’s team in New York engaged them in a lively chat asking them for their best one liners.

The result? It didn’t take Fetch too long to find appropriately talented candidates for the position, and responses were certainly entertaining.  Observations included that guys were generally more responsive than the girls (almost 100 times more responsive in fact), and could get a little disappointed that the photo of the girl was a spoof, whereas girls enjoyed the joke a bit more. Neither sex read the profiles in great detail however.

In the end Fetch found the ideal match and ultimate intern, Sam Weidt, via the Tinder campaign. In fact, Fetch was Sam’s first ‘date’, however he has subsequently found his girlfriend (and his job!) via Tinder.

Here’s a video produced by Sam on his Tinder experience: click here