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Saïd Business School launches the Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme

The first open executive education programme on marketing launched by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, will focus on the challenges of marketing in today’s post-digital world.

The Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme, to run for the first time in June 2016, is the first marketing programme to take a holistic view of the discipline, looking at cutting-edge research and practice in brands, customers, organisations and technology as the business world reaches what the programme director has called a ‘tipping point in how organisations are thinking about marketing.’

‘There is no such thing as “digital marketing” any more, just as there’s no such thing as a “tech-savvy customer” – all marketing incorporates digital technology and all customers are connected,’ said Andrew Stephen, L’Oréal Professor in Marketing at Oxford Saïd and Director of the programme. ‘Other programmes in this area still concentrate on digital marketing as a discrete skill, and root their thinking in dated research. But Oxford will be looking at the very latest developments and challenging marketers to embrace these changes to create strategies with real impact.’

The 5-day programme will draw on the academic research being conducted by Oxford Saïd’s marketing faculty as well as their work with organisations. It will focus on three major themes:


People are now always on and constantly connected; they are increasingly distracted due to the number of online and offline marketing channels to which they are exposed all the time; and they have increasingly high expectations of firms at all stages of the customer journey


Marketers can now interact with customers in many more ways; learn more about what customers think in real time; and know more about customers than ever before

Established Marketing Fundamentals

Any winning marketing strategy continues to have at its heart the fundamentals of a great product or service, a brand that resonates and connects with its intended audience, and a valuable customer base; the programme will explore how these assets should be protected and exploited in the changing marketing environment

The programme will be taught through a combination of interactive lectures, group work, and discussions of real cases with guest speakers.

Throughout the week participants will create and present new marketing strategies for critique by the faculty and other participants in a series of workshops. Each participant will leave with a personal action plan that they can start to implement as soon as they return to the office.

‘We’re excited at the prospect of working with participants and discussing our latest research, which embraces critical insights from other fields such as psychology and data analytics,’ said Professor Stephen.

‘The cases we look at will be absolutely up-to-the-minute – we are researching and writing them now – and are sourced from all over the world. We hope that participants will take advantage of all the assembled experience and expertise to share their own real-life challenges and work with us and with each other to start the transformation of marketing in their organisations.’

More information about the programme can be found here