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Durex launches #DoNotDisturb digital detox social experiment to investigate if tech is ruining couples’ holiday sex

To test the theory that an addiction to tech and smartphones is the reason sex on holidays often does not live up to couples’ expectations, Durex has launched a social experiment.

Durex invited real couples on the holiday of a lifetime as part of a filmed social experiment, devised and created by TMW Unlimited, dividing them into couples with and without tech – no phones, no tablets, no TV and no laptops.

The resulting film of the #DoNotDisturb experiment offers a fascinating look at how a digital detox can lead to holiday ‘sexpectations’ getting met. Through the film, Durex discovered whether the couples who disconnected from their phones felt more connected with one another.

The #DoNotDisturb video documentary, by TMW Unlimited, can be viewed on YouTube. Couples can also find out more and have their say at Durex’s dedicated website.

The next part of the global #DoNotDisturb campaign will include TV and online ads, and social and in-store activity, also by TMW Unlimited, telling people to turn off their tech and turn on to each other.  The campaign will run in 37 markets around the world from 23rd May.

Everyone looks forward to better sex on holiday. In fact, 52% of us expect better sex whilst away, but 60% admit the reality did not live up to expectations – according to a recent Durex survey asking 2000 adults about their holiday ‘sexpectations’.

The survey showed 40% of people are less likely to instigate sex if their partner is on their phone in bed and 41% admitted nights on holiday with their partner can be spent in bed together concentrating on separate phones rather than each other.

It’s clear that ‘digital distraction’ on holiday is negatively affecting our relationships. Over a quarter admitted that checking phones on holiday can cause rows. Specifically, 59% said that they, their partner or both have too much screen time, and more than half of those respondents felt their relationship suffers as a result – 72 respondents even admitted to using phones during sex.

Volker Sydow, Global Director at Durex, said: “Holidays used to be a time to relax and reconnect with our partner. However, this experiment has shown us that growing reliance on portable technology for entertainment and affirmation, even when on holiday, is blocking our chance to refresh our relationships. Durex is calling on couples to take a break from their tech whilst on holiday and enjoy touching their partner rather than their phone.”