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Digital loyalty solution : Zapper’s smart payment solution enables stores to instantly understand and reward shoppers

Zapper the fast growing, global data insights and mobile payment platform, has adapted its Pay-at-Counter solution, currently very successful in pre-pay hospitality environments, for convenience retail outlets in the UK.

This smart system allows customers a fast alternative to pay for their items and gain immediate digital rewards. Zapper also saves stores valuable time and resources, providing instant customer data.

With an incredibly simple, reliable and robust solution, already proven globally, Zapper enables shoppers to open the app, scan a unique QR code at till point to quickly pay then leave starred rate and review feedback, instantly visible to the retailer. QR codes, although having been around for many years, are acknowledged by many, even retail behemoths such as Walmart, Shell & Tesco have developed apps, also using QR codes.

Anish Keshwara, Director of KESHCO LIMITED, owns a number of stores in the Peterborough area and has agreed to trial the Zapper solution. “We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our in-store/customer experience and believe Zapper’s data insights and mobile payment platform is the future for retail convenience. We are therefore looking to trial Zapper in a number of our stores and are looking to build a long and successful partnership.”

Research has revealed the average customer visits their local convenience store 4.2 times per week with an average spend of just under £7.00. Zapper believes its solution to be thoroughly capable and sustainable, so will provide complete training, support and marketing incentives to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience using the app in-store.

The aim of this investment is to encourage adoption of the app and enable both shopper and retailer to understand just how simple and effective the Zapper solution is.

In 2015, research highlights over 700 million paper vouchers were redeemed in the retail sector at a redemption value of over £2 billion. However, each year retailer’s still lose countless amounts of money when issuing and processing paper vouchers. With mislabelled items, compliance and human error, paper vouchers can be tricky to track and use effectively.

Zapper enables retailers to overcome these problems by instantly issuing digital offers to the customer, based on previous purchase habits and available immediately within the app. Offers can then be tracked, safely stored and redeemed automatically on the next shop, saving customers the hassle of carrying and processing paper vouchers. The perfect digital loyalty solution for both retailers and shoppers alike.

Gerry Hooper, CEO Zapper UK comments, “The Zapper solution has proven to be a huge success in the hospitality sector since its launch into the UK just over a year ago. With a smarter time and labour saving solution, why wouldn’t retailers want to use Zapper and understand shoppers purchase habits and instantly reward loyalty?”

With a limited ability to currently capture shopper information, Zapper provides an instant solution for retailers to survey their shoppers and understand individual trends and habits. Consumer data is key and this is currently captured manually.  Offering your shoppers the best possible experience is paramount. By using Zapper’s Pay-at-Counter solution, the digital tablet is also the perfect means of displaying rolling adverts to customers about offers and updates whilst they are waiting to pay.

Zapper’s online portal enables retailers to analyse these valuable data insights with variables such as; time of day, total basket spend, regular items, plus instant rate and review feedback results. Using this data, retailers can understand shopper experiences, busy and quiet periods, transactions and product performance to adjust the staff and offers accordingly. They can also communicate directly with individual customers and reward by sending offers personalised to their previous shopping purchases – meaning no more paper coupons and unwanted offers.

Zapper’s specialised Z-Beacon technology uses innovative Bluetooth signals to directly communicate with shoppers, sending offers and alerts directly to the app to attract local shoppers and increase footfall. Retailers have access to many shoppers on a daily basis, and until recent years with the development of email and digital marketing, shopper incentives had to be carried out manually by paper leafleting. This process was hard to measure and understand ROI. However, by using the Zapper app, retailers can instantly communicate on a general or individual basis depending on their requirements.

The challenge for Zapper is to change both the retailers and shoppers habits. Conceived out of a digital empire in South Africa and run by a leading team of technology professionals, Zapper is sustainable and adapting its ubiquitous solution for the future. With over 800,000 global downloads and live in over 10 countries, it’s clear mobile payments is definitely a growing trend. The UK team, based in Hertfordshire provides valuable training and on-going support, even a 24hour live support line, to ensure a seamless, successful and lasting relationship.

Zapper Strengthens Leadership Team

An exciting time for Zapper as Jon Birt joins as Retail Sales Director with over 25 Years Retail Account Management experience. Jon specialises in managing the convenience and symbol group sectors, which over the last few years also included a number of Tier 1 high-street retailers.

Having worked previously for BAT and more recently Payzone and InComm-Europe, Jon Birt joins the Zapper team at what is undoubtedly a very pivotal juncture with both a product and subsequent service which will dramatically enhance the day-to-day operation within this rapidly developing retail sector.

Working alongside Jon will be Jason Cooling, who also has over 25 years retail experience, in both the UK and Ireland, and he joins the team as Retail Commercial Director. Jason previously worked closely with many famous household names such as; Amazon, Argos, Tesco and Sainsbury, and also has great experience in other sectors including, video gaming and tobacco. An asset to the Zapper team, Jason will be looking to launch the Zapper solution into the retail sector and create many opportunities for this ubiquitous product.

Jason comments, “I understand being a retailer requires an extraordinary amount of skill. You have many hats to wear and must know when to wear which in order to be successful. From serving customers and managing employees to stocking new inventory, the job as a retailer is never done and there is always room for improvement. Zapper offers the necessary tools, resources and support retailers need to transform businesses to the future mobile payment age.”

Zapper already has thousands of restaurants using the system internationally. The Zapper app is free to download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. For more information about Zapper please visit: