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UK content marketing agencies – the dirty dozen! / @jondavey

Jon Davey writes … Creating the perfect source of UK content marketing agencies, or indeed any other list, takes time and requires early adopters to get on board… meet our “dirty dozen”

Early adopters… I remember those adventurers of old… real men and women who had belief in themselves who stood their corner and fought for what they believed in… happy to get their hands dirty in the pursuit of their mission.


Obviously the EU model doesn’t encourage this… individuals are bad, they bugger up things for the corrupt corporatists who want to eat all the pies! They want to control how we think and so in the future we will be drilling down the web into regional networks… God forbid we know how folk are thinking in Newcastle, that would never do

In the meantime we can take advantage of the UK Google machine and get the UK’s content management agencies pointing at this ‘ear very website via their social channels and make out like it’s a real cool place for all things UK content marketing agencies are thinking about…

Now to get content kings and queens working with me on this… ( I used to own or, memory doesn’t serve me too well what will all the bread I’ve consumed over the years made with Monsanto wheat!)

To date, in the week or so since launch, I’ve had a dozen agencies (I do like old money) step up and share with me a few words via the entry form on the home page. These “dirty dozen” (I do like old movies) are, in alphabetical order:

Now as we grow our base of content marketing agencies only the most recent 10 will show up down the right underneath a listing that allows for the TOP POSTS… these are the pages that have been visited the most in the last 24 hours… so this requires those with a listing to do a little bit of work!

Bringing traffic back to the pages on the site they have provided content for… that’s easy then!

Now I can nudge from time to time… push quite hard in the first few weeks and months to encourage those in the gang to be active… we all know how near impossible this is to do with clients as we have to do most of the work for them, but you love writing content so why not tell me a story that I can share with our readers?

I hereby invite content kings and queens from the above companies to submit a story about content to me… in fact, register for the blog and I will upgrade your listing to contributor or whatever WordPress rank and you’ll be able to post a weekly blog about content should you desire and you’ll give yourself more than a single chance to dominate our leader board which is the first thing visible to any of the visitors to this site.

In the first couple of weeks we’ve had over 400 views and LEWIS have had the most… but our leader board is interested in consistency, not one hit wonders

If you haven’t joined in yet then simply complete our submission form on the home page and then you’ll be invited to follow the blog and get active with your amazing content.