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BrainJuicer launches new creative agency System1 that guarantees ROI on creative work

BrainJuicer, the award-winning market research agency, is launching the first ad agency to guarantee ROI on creative work.

The new agency, System1 – Feel More: Buy More, is based on BrainJuicer’s pioneering behavioural science work, which shows how the emotional, instinctive ‘System1’ brain trumps the rational, evaluative ‘System2’ brain when making brand choices.

System1, which puts BrainJuicer’s ad testing at the heart of creative development, will be the first agency to quantitatively pre-test every piece of creative work prior to presenting ideas to clients – guaranteeing a minimum ROI against every idea.

The agency will be run by Chief Executive Rod Connors, the former Unilever and Nike UK Marketing Director and founder of The BSG marketing agency. It will also be supported by an advisory board of major industry figures including Kellogg’s VP Marketing Peter Soer, HHM creative partner Adrian Holmes and head of Herd consultancy Mark Earls.

John Kearon, BrainJuicer founder and CEO, said: “Having developed a method for accurately predicting famous, five-star campaigns, why not put that ability at the heart of an agency that only presents creative guaranteed to build fame, feeling and fluency and deliver profitable brand growth?”

Rod Connors said: “Creative advertising has always driven famous brand building but needs much more effective evaluation in the creative development process. It’s too important to guess. Our new approach means we can guarantee a minimum performance level across every campaign idea that we develop.”