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Addressing the increasing demand for real-time decisioning and streaming analytics

by on June 7, 2016 in Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Rock 'n Roll

Celebrus launches new breed of connectors – with comment by Katharine Hulls

Addressing the increasing demand for real-time decisioning and streaming analytics, and taking advantage of Celebrus real-time data, three new Celebrus Connectors have been launched today as part of Celebrus Version 8 Update 16.

These new Connectors, additions to the suite which already feeds data into Hadoop, MongoDB, Teradata, Oracle, MySQL and SQL, stream real-time data into a variety of industry-leading third party applications to power decisioning, marketing automation, fraud identification, streaming analytics and content personalization.

These new Celebrus Connectors are:

The Pega Connector: Powered by PegasystemsCustomer Decision Hub, the end-to-end suite of Pega’s CRM applications for marketing, sales, and service enables clients to anticipate customers’ changing needs and provide personalized recommendations throughout the customer journey.

The Pega Connector from Celebrus enables Pega users to stream website interaction data – such as purchases, forms, visits and on-site searches for known and anonymous visitors – in real-time into the Pega Customer Decision Hub, which analyzes this and other data to suggest the next best engagement action for each customer. This allows organizations to engage with the right message at the right time on the right channel to increase customer satisfaction while enhancing the customer lifetime value.

“Customer preferences can change in seconds, making it all the more important for businesses to adjust to these changes in the moment,” said Vince Jeffs, Director, Strategy & Product Marketing, Pegasystems. “By using Celebrus to capture and stream website data and other digital actions in real time to our Customer Decision Hub, our clients can better engage with customers in a timely and relevant way with personalized interactions for each individual.”

The Celebrus SAS ESP Connector: this Connector feeds the SAS Event Stream Processor (ESP) for threat detection and fraud identification. This Connector streams Celebrus data into the SAS ESP with an out-of-the-box Celebrus data model focussed on delivering interaction events such as sessions, pages, forms, clicks, field interactions, geolocation and more, all of which are vital for real-time threat prediction and detection.

The Teradata CIM Connector: this Connector integrates Celebrus with the Teradata Customer Interaction Manager (CIM) marketing automation system. The Connector selects offers and messages calculated during CIM overnight processing having alerted the system in real-time to an individual’s arrival on a digital channel. It then delivers the appropriate content to the website or app in real-time, either in collaboration with a CMS or through Celebrus’ proprietary real-time technology, and continues to deliver data into the CIM contact history as the visitor interacts.

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing at Celebrus Technologies comments, “with their initial business cases proven, forward-thinking organisations are now looking at how to use their enterprise data across a broader range of their operations to generate further value from their investments. Real-time data is proving particularly important for those more analytically mature businesses as they seek to use complex decisioning, marketing automation and streaming analytics to further increase the gap between them and their competitors”.

Hulls continues, “this expansion of our suite of Celebrus Connectors considerably extends the ways our clients can benefit from the real-time nature of our granular digital data, as well as taking us into an exciting new partnership with Pegasystems.”



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